Point of Sale

Accepting in person payments of Monero made simple

Linux / MacOS / Windows


Accept Monero

Allow patrons to purchase goods and services in person with Monero

Store Sales

Store and keep track of all sales and export to PDF or CSV

Print Receipts

Print receipts for your patrons using a USB thermal printer


Your keys, your coins. Simple as that

Use Your Own Node

Connect to a remote node of your choice or use your own local node

Open Source

All source code will be freely downloadable. Build it yourself

Node + Electron JS

Built with Javascript to make App code customization fully accessible to all

Angular JS / HTML / CSS

Designed with web technologies to make GUI customization a breeze


Kasejo (ka-say-o), which means cashdesk/checkout in Esperanto, is an open source point of sale app for receiving & tracking Monero sales & payments in person. Turn any PC, Laptop, or Macbook into a Monero accepting kiosk! The software is open source and free to use/customize.
Your code, your node, your keys, your coins.


View all the features Kasejo has to offer!.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale Checkout

Point of Sale Checkout Confirmed

My Receipts Page

Monero Wallet Page

App Settings Page


App Installation

Video Demo

Watch Kasejo live in action!


Kasejo is a free and open source project in development and has been and is continued to be funded by its sole founder, developer, and designer. Please consider donating any amount of Monero to the address below to help in the continued development and to show your support for the project.